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The Worha of Henry Fielding. He dealt with various religious, Persian politics, Roman 18th century essayists, attacks on uncivilized tribes and other pressing issues at that time.

And one of his series, The Leather-stocking Tales received positive reception when released back then, and now, it has become an American classic. Her write-ups where mixed with romance, comedy, and wit.

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century

In one a lady is censured for painting her face, another describes the effects of coquetry on a young gentleman, a third gives a recipe for a lap-dog, and deplores the bad-taste of a "celebrated toast," who, in the pre- sence of her admirers, will give " a torrent of kisses to her cat, any one of which a Christian would be glad of.

Seicatcd and Annctlited by Austin Dobson. His sound sense is indisputable, but with regard to his own affairs, he generally forgot to exercise it. Essayists, like writers of other genres, do not always believe in conforming to traditions. Johnson after him, sometimes wrote an essay as serious as it was beautiful, and his Saturday meditations will bear a comparison, as Macaulay said, with the finest passages of Massillon.

Prior, as he invariably terms that respectable, but some- what obsolete biographer. Were it not that the volume is of necessity a small one, we should 18th century essayists inclined to say that Mr. Accessed 11 May No doubt, the weakness of his fiction was widely known.

Conclusion Many essayists influenced the eighteenth century. Steele also had an exquisite sense of pathos, as in Nos. In the Citizen, of the World, he chose an attractive subject, and treated it with admirable skill ; but his miscellaneous essays, of which Mr.

And even after several years, her concepts, ideas, and submissions on feminism and human rights remain sagacious and timely. She also wrote several essays which were a bit challenging to read because of her unusual classical writing style.

Steele, "the sprightly father of the English Essay," was by no means so inferior to Addison as Macaulay would have us believe. James Fenimore Cooper Cooper was one of the brightest essayists who made a significant contribution to the genre of fiction in the United States of America.

The first volume of the novel, published inenjoyed great success for many years. Scroll down further for more information on famous essayists from all over the world who enriched literature with their writings. The gentlemen are then to be introduced, "with as much seem- ing indifference as possible.

Her work drew the attention of family members and well-wishers, who never seized to notify publishers at that time. In this English literature, Gibbon examined series of events that took place in the thirteen centuries. Critics commended Henry Fielding for writing a novel with a sense of structure.

Praised by modern readers and critics around the globe, Radcliffe was named the first and most prolific poetess in romantic fiction, in her time. Too short over to be weari- some, full of freshness and vivacity, and free from all acerbity, the Essayists of the eighteenth century are the best moralists of a coarse age, its wisest because its most genial teachers.

Practical sagacity marks many of the papers, and perhaps there never was a man who knew better how to advise other people than Fielding. Essayists like Joseph Addison, Richard Steele and Samuel Johnson flourished during the Age of Enlightenment when essays became the preferred literary form for convincing people of their position.

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His work, The Decline, and Fall of the Roman Empire enjoyed positive reception throughout this period. Yonge makes much use, do not strike us as characteristic of the author, or as remarkable in themselves.

His inferiority, however, to Addison as an essayist is as conspicuous as his vast superiority as a poet ; and though it is scarcely fair to judge of an author from his treatment of a particular subject, the student may be recom- mended to compare the "Westminster Abbey" of Addison— a composition alike exquisite in thought and style—with the essay on the same subject by Oliver Goldsmith.

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As a realistic, his work was admired by contemporary readers and novelists throughout the content. Dobson had not used his materials with sufficient liberality.

But it was told Radcliffe was happily married and encouraged by her loving husband to venture into writing. He makes blunders that are inexcusable in a school class- book, and. She was, of course, accused of didacticism because of her steady emphasis on morality.

Steele, to whom just now we confine our attention, is not an accomplished artist like Addison, and he is sometimes a slovenly writer ; but Steele, though far less careful, is often more lively, and in some respects he had a larger inventive faculty.

He touches, too, on the follies of the beau and of the fine woman in society, but not with the delicate art of Addison. They brought terrific insights, and their piece helped many to understand complex philosophical challenges in the universe. Her novels had a little write-up about terror, and her description of nature was always captivating.

His first book, Precaution, was published in Start studying 17thth Century Essayists. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Dec 31,  · The life and work of the brilliant, acerbic and unpopular poet Alexander Pope.

the eighteenth-century essayists.* THE art of Essay-writing seemed to reach its perfection in the.1 i,st century. It was an at which afforded the opportunity of writing pleasantly about nothing.

Essayists may write on a number of topics like politics, education, social issues, literary criticisms, environment, human rights, etc.

Even though essays are primarily written in prose, essayists like Alexander Pope have taken the liberty to compose their essays in verse.

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