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The large comforting window acts like a barrier to her thoughts and leads her to the point where she remembers her compromise. It is so evident that the house maid suffers innocently because of the husband.

Also, at the beginning of the story, at that place is a flashback that illustrates how the protagonist first met her husband.

Another Evening at the Club

Samia gets married to someone despite a large age gap between them. The society in which the story setting occurs is utterly unfair to women and it results in unfairness and gender imbalance. We can alike view this explanation, when Samias father directs the meeting, while him, his young woman and Abboud Beyare talking.

Feminism advocates that women should live lives by their own mind without any conflict or violation of their rights in marriage.

Another Evening At The Club – Essay

They realize that Samia has dropped the ring too late. Through various flashbacks the author attempts to bring a cohesive end to the protagonists realizations at the end of the story.

Her marriage to Abboud Bey was not only a chance for him to enhance his image in society but for her to become a member of high society. The gesture told her more eloquently than any words that he was the man and she was the woman, he the one who carried the responsibilities, made the decision, she was the whose role it was to be beautiful, happy, carefree.

It was like the slap had destroyed the illusion, which she has been living, and woken her up to a cruel reality. As a matter of fact, such traditions can only limit the future of such society.

Another Evening At The Club – Essay Sample

I was proud of her while reading the story that she did not give up her tradition based on how her daughter in law felt. Samia has no rights in her marriage or in her daily life. Samia, a central character in the story is married to Abood Bey; their marriage was an arranged one.

The house and the money were all compensations she received for compromising who she was. For example, Samia has only seen her husband for a year after her marriage. It was essentially telling them that they were property.

Feminist Analysis: Another Evening at the Club

A feminist perspective at this point would suggest that the endeavors of females should be outright and not shaped by the opinion of others.

Throughout the marriage her husband had forced her to lie even about her family background. Feminists seek to encourage females from forcing themselves into pleasing the society in irrational ways. This memory had brought with it a realization and its own questions.Gender Inequalities in Another Evening at the Club by Alifa Rifaat Alifa Rifaat was an Egyptian write who published her short story Another Evening at the Club in The story focuses heavily on the inequalities in the roles a.

Another Evening At The Club – Essay Alifa Rifaat’s story “Another evening at the club” gives a reflection of a woman’s perspective on life and marriage in a patriarchal society. It brings to light the unconventional reasons for a woman’s acceptance of marriage in a society such as material gain and power.

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The title “Another Evening at the Club” is indeed close to me meaning of “Just Another Evening at the Club” because at the end of this story Samia “the wife” shows that she has empathy towards Gazia (young servant)for what Read More.

Another Evening at the Club - Short Story Analysis

In Alifa Rifaat's short story "Another Evening at the Club", the protagonist is Samia and her husband, Abboud Bey is the antagonist. The story takes place in Egypt near the Nile River.

The conflict arises when Samia loses the emerald ring that her husband gave her.3/5(1). Below is an essay on "Another Evening At The Club" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

Another evening at the club essay
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