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By this time i was feeling terrible, but i knew that in the end, everything was going to work out fine. Thomas just growled as the police officers dragged him away. Not long after that a back van pulled Bank robbery short story essay on the side of the street and Thomas Black emerged from the dark interior.

As soon as the news of the dacoity spread, the police rushed to the place. Some had come to deposit money while others had come to withdraw it. The bank handed over the matter to CBI but as yet no trace of the culprits has been found.

Thomas threw three items at me then drove away.

the bank robbery-(not the best title but the story is good)

A car was waiting for them and off they drove away. They noted down the details. They cut off all telephone wires and then ordered the staff to raise their hands up. THE END sorry for any typos i was listening to taylor swift at the time and i was so confused cuz it didnt fit since this is kind of an action story lol.

I staggered to my feet and picked up the things Thomas had thrown at me. It was a stolen car and belonged to an industrialist of the locality. I took the taxi to the police station and told the police about everything. Messages were flashed in all directions to catch the dacoits, who were all young but seemed to be hardened criminals.

Everyone suddenly stopped and did exactly what i had told them to. Once i hit the ground, i scrambled as far away from the van as i could. As soon as they were gone, it was rumored that the robbers had run away with Rs.

I then walked up to the teller and said to the lady standing there, looking horrorstruck, "Give me 10 dollars" I was suprised myself at how menacing my voice sounded and obviously the lady was suprised aswell because she just whimpered and started filling the bag with money.

The car which the dacoits had used was found abandoned in a nearly place. They interrogated the people who were present there.

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Left alone, they went to the cash counter, collected all the money they could lay their hand on and then quietly slipped out of the bank. The State Bank had just opened.

They entered the bank. They took out their pistols and ordered the staff to march into the strong room and locked them up there. There was quite a big rush of customers.

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He had given me a black mask, a gun and a bag to put the money in. Suddenly, i thought of a plan The counter clerks were busy and no one noted the coming in of four stout youths. Report Story heeyy fellow wattpadiensEssay on A Bank Robbery.

It was early morning on Friday. The State Bank had just opened. There was quite a big rush of customers Related Articles: An Essay on the Bank. An awesome short story of two distant souls meeting at a point they never thought of.

Blanche and the Ice Cream Man A misunderstanding sends Blanche off. my very first story and i need feedback!!! its a prety good story though # bank # hold-up # robbery # short # story the bank robbery-(not the best title but the story is good)Reviews: 6.

Bank Robbery - Short Story Essay - Bank Robbery - Short Story Ned now decided to be an outlaw in earnest. To maintain supplies of arms and food he needed money, so he decided to rob a bank. He chose a bank at Euroa and decided that the right moment for a robbery would be when the court was in session.

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Essay Writing Guide. Start writing remarkable essays with guidance from our expert teacher team. The Bank Robbery (creative writing) THE BANK ROBBERY Bob sat motionlessly, scanning the street from the car he had stolen two days ago, a nineteen eighties green Mercedes that no one would notice.

Bank robbery short story essay
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