Braveheart vs gladiator

Bre Butler said this on December 8, at I think Maximus suffered the most, as he was a highly respected general in the Roman Army. Braveheart was set in Scotland, a country that we have never learned about in all Braveheart vs gladiator years of schooling. The fate of Rome, I leave to you.

William Wallace was a better hero cause he was fighting for a country of people and not just for himself. Adios said this on December 8, at Joe Radziszewski said this on December 8, at The conflicts and fight scenes in Braveheart, I found to be more intense. Maximus experienced betrayal, grief, and was stripped of his honor as a Roman General at the hands of a tyrant for merely not supporting Commodus.

And we will live. His wife was murdered and then he was betrayed by almost everyone while he fought his way to rome.

While Ridley Scott is probably the generations authority on movies of scale, a story with Rome as a backdrop was perfect for him. Kills men by the hundreds. Jul 15, 2 Heres what I posted in reply to a similar topic: However, the passion put into the role of Wallace defines him as the greater hero.

William Wallace was never a high positioned man. He is truly inspirational and leads his followers faithfully on a revolution. Although he is not as great of a hero, Maximus, as portrayed by Russell Crowe, does possess some heroic traits.

Also, I feel that the quick cuts in Gladiator take away from the movie, and I prefer the overall less editing in Braveheart. Have I missed the battle? Therefore I was unable to make a connection.

Face-Off: Braveheart vs. Gladiator

But Braveheart had Randall Wallace, a first time scriptwriter. William Wallace, as portrayed by Mel Gibson, is more of a hero than Maximus will ever be.

Also, I agree with Bre, Kelly, and Michael that the digital effects greatly take away from the authenticity of Gladiator.In our previous Face-Off, we visited the world of female-driven high school comedies in HEATHERS vs.

MEAN GIRLS, with the latter coming out on top. Half of. Discussion, debate, and comments on whether Gladiator is better than Braveheart at Flickchart.

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Aug 08,  · no way Braveheart was much more emotional and powerful. The characters are memorable as well.

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I remember very few character from gladiator but. Jul 18,  · Gladiator for me because it's less depressing. Braveheart certainly is a good movie, but I probably won't ever watch it again.

I'm sorry. I think braveheart is great,Status: Resolved.

Braveheart vs. Gladiator

Each is a historical epic centering around a lead hero (Robert MacGregor/Benjamin Martin) who is a family man that lives in a land under the rule of England (Scotland/The American Colonies) that just seeks to get by as an agreeable subject.

However, things go awry when a sinister man (Archibald. 15 Responses to “Braveheart Vs. Gladiator” Both films defiantly bring an award winning combination of trill and drama to the audience, but when it comes down to a decision, Maximus is a clear winner.

Braveheart vs gladiator
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