Characteristics of a human service professional essay

Retrieved January 28,from,http: Preventing Burnout Companies or organizations have to help prevent burnout within their employees. While wages vary, many human services jobs have very competitive salaries and excellent benefit packages.

The organization chosen for this paper is Klamath Hospice, Inc. In the field of human services; communication is everything. An NBH must learn early on how to tell whether or not they can help someone. Human service professionals are in the business of helping. There are many people that have a hard time with communication.

Community Collaborations, Marketing, and Public RelationsCommunity CollaborationsKlamath Hospice because of the nature of their organization, works with many different community organizations. Does the program offer on-campus or online research facilities, academic advising, classroom training, or internships?

We will briefly describe a few in order to illustrate the incredible diversity of this field. According to Ripa, "Mental exhaustion, also known as burnout, results from excess, long-term stress. For example, if a colleague or client treats you in a belligerent manner, you should not resort to the same type of behavior.

Top Eight Characteristics of a Successful Social Worker

In addition to odd hours, even on-call duty, social workers MUST be flexible, in all situations. More essays like this: Growth will vary by specialty.

Communication may be one of the most important characteristic of the three mentioned above. This growth is predicated on increased demand for health care and social services. In the workplace, no volunteer is turned away because of their race, creed, religion, or gender.

Human Services Impact on Society The impact a human services professional has on society is very significant. Being known as a trustworthy Human Resources professional gives you great credibility.

Human Service 1206 Professional Essay

Without the expertise of doctors, nurses, and other organizations mentioned above, Klamath Hospice cannot provide necessary services like medication, home health care, or counseling. Knowledge of human systems and organizations, knowledge of the conditions that are conducive to the highest functioning in human systems, Being able to identify what types of interventions will help to bring about the highest functioning in a given human system, the ability to have a strategy to implement and analyze the effectiveness of interventions, consistency in the application of appropriate interventions, having excellent process skills to both plan and implement services.

If you lose your credibility, you will have a very difficult time doing your job, since no one will feel that they can trust you. Everyone goes to Human Resources for assistance and advice, so being able to communicate effectively is essential.

Being a Human Services worker is a challenging and rewarding job which at its heart is about expressing an inner desire to help your fellow human beings. Their ability to communicate effects the process of their relationship. In most states, one of their largest agencies is the Department of Human Services which has many different positions it will be looking to fill.

Organizational norms bureaucratic rather than flexible management philosophies, lack of feedback, a competitive climate, large amounts of conflict, and low openness and trust can contribute to burnout.

For example, a nurse who encounters a patient who seems to need a referral to the behavioral health unit.

Characteristics and Environment of a Human Service Organization Essay Sample

She is curious about the latest marketing trends and passionate about applying them in recruitment. Klamath Hospice has been operating in Klamath County for more than 27 years. Your personal opinion does not count—these types of decisions must be based solely on the facts presented.When we think of who a Human Resources professional is, we think about the qualities, characteristics, and the skills he or she possesses.

The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good Human Resources professional. Human services workers engage with diverse populations and carry different titles to include therapists, case managers, social workers, counselors, etc.

Human Services Skills

Regardless, what a title a human service worker may hold the communication between a client and professional is vital. Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services This Essay Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on The Human Services Worker.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: standards of the human services professional are a set of fifty-four guidelines developed by NOSHE to outline the human service professional responsibility to clients (NOSHE, ).

Social Work Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Social Work Essays Examples of Our Work. The Human services professional must be able to show competency in the following areas: Knowledge of human systems and organizations, knowledge of the conditions that are conducive to the highest functioning in human systems, Being able to identify what types of interventions will help to bring about the highest functioning in a given human.

Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Worker There are not many people, whom I have worked with; that I could say, is an excellent Human Service Worker as Sarah Van Bortel.

Sarah was working with the Mt. Hope Family Center in Rochester, New York, when I first had the opportunity to meet her.

Characteristics of a human service professional essay
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