Compare the poem the manhunt and

Line This couplet is heavy on the double meanings.

The Manhunt – Simon Armitage (Poetry Analysis, GCSE)

Line Throughout the poem the narrator uses kind, sympathetic verbs such as mind, tend etc. Line When the narrator talks of scarring it is unclear whether she is talking about physical or mental scars. The first four stanzas describe the shooting while the second half of the poem describes the after-effects of this action on the speaker.

Armitage further emphasises this phrase by putting it at the beginning of the line. This conveys the disturbance and trauma that the soldier carries with him long after he has returned home. Once again though I would question whether she is talking about an actual injury to the collar of her partner or if it is a metaphor for his wider self?

The poem has the feel of fast-paced natural speech. Not all men are comfortable talking about their feelings. The wife fears for her husband because she Compare the poem the manhunt and him so much and she fears for his pain and most definitely his fragile condition.

There is no easy resolution or happy ending here. His body is compared to things which are non-organic man-made and inanimate cannot move.

He usually writes poems about contemporary issues and his work is often informed by his prior life experiences he used to work as a probation officer.

Another part of the poem which stands out is the pain the son shows. His poetry often contains colloquialisms based on his home town. Or is this a metaphor for a partner that has become increasingly tight-lipped and monosyllabic? Line Once again the narrator describes her man using adjectives that have a beauty, yet a delicacy.

Language The language of the poem is anecdotal, which, along with the pace and rhythm, gives the sense the speaker is directly telling us his story. After the first phase, after passionate nights and intimate days, This couplet clearly talks about the early relationship between the narrator and their partner.

The first seven stanzas are in largely unrhymed quatrains. This title suggests that the poem will describe an exciting chase and be full of action.

Could he be a pilot? Then, and only then, did I come close. Remains is formed of eight stanzas. I think this is the narrators way of highlighting the life-changing impact of the wound.

Line Here we are clearly looking at a metaphor the unexploded mine is clearly a reference to her partners brain. The speaker shifts from past tense in the first two lines, to present tense for the rest of the poem which adds immediacy to the narrative.

There is no regular rhythmic pattern and there are examples of enjambmentsometimes between stanzas, which adds to the sense of someone telling their story fairly naturally. Armitage is a highly decorated poet with many accolades to his name including a CBE. Once again the metaphorical and literal are so seamlessly close here that it is impossible to ascertain what is real and what is purely for descriptive purposes.

This device has been used several times in the poem and is effective at showing the reader something without actually telling them. What is she coming close to? The final stanza consists of only two lines and therefore stands out, emphasising the fact the speaker cannot rid himself of the memory of the killing.The poem is made up of a series of couplets, mostly unrhymed.

This creates a sense of fragmentation, which matches the feelings of the soldier's wife as she seeks to understand the man her husband has become.

Compare how a relationship is presented in “The Manhunt”by Armitage and “Nettles” by Scannell The poem “Nettles” is about a father that cares for his three-year old son after he has fallen in a parade of nettles - Compare How a Relationship Is Presented in “the Manhunt”by Armitage and “Nettles” by Scannell introduction.

The Manhunt by Simon Armitage

Even though. Compare the the use of one verb from each poem. What does each suggest to you? Structure How does each poem look on the page?

Structure 'The Manhunt' is in couplets.

The Manhunt

'Quickdraw' is in quatrains (stanzas of four lines). Why do you think each is set out the way it is? Theme A poem's theme is the main idea behind the poem.

Compare How a Relationship Is Presented in “the Manhunt”by Armitage and “Nettles” by Scannell Essay

The Manhunt is written from the perspective of a woman exploring her feelings for her husband and their relationship. Many of the other poems in this collection are from a male point of view, such as The Farmer's Bride and To His Coy Mistress.

Compare realtionships in manhunt and nettles

Compare and contrast the two poems, focusing on how the poets use Words | 5 Pages. Compare and contrast the two poems, focusing on how the poets use language and imagery to represent war. Both poems are war poems of two different periods in. Comparison Of The Manhunt And Quickdraw Essay Comparison of “The Manhunt ” and “ Quickdraw " Structure: I personally feel that the structure of the two poems "The Manhunt " and " Quickdraw " vary a lot with each other in many different ways.

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Compare the poem the manhunt and
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