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Career-focused — There are lots of options available for distance education, such as career-specific certificate programs which are faster and much more skill-based than traditional classroom education. The mandate of open and distance education in Nigeria has not been achieved, despite its promises and good ideas, the programme has failed to see the important of quality planning in implementing open and distance education in Nigeria, because actually, the success of the programme supposed to be directed by the already conceived planning strategies.

One of the main purposes of the NYSES was to make higher education degrees more accessible to learners unable to attend traditional programs, campus-based courses. Clark believes that it is not media, but variables such as instructional method that foster distance learning.

This is expected to bring about better performance from students in respect to quality education offering them as they combine their studies with work and families.

With the increase in demand for distance education, the growing concerns were knowledge about effectiveness of distance education and changes in pedagogy enabled and required by the advancement of technology. Coldeway identified the following reasons for the limitation of research activities in distance education.

In fact, those who want to remain exposed to high career prospects are eyeing upon distance learning courses that can unlock doors for casual learners. They make the decision and how to go about their study, and they study anytime they feel like studying, as sometimes their learning is done through online.

What are the consequences of copyright infringement? Accordingly, open and distance education helps in extending the horizon of education particularly, to those Distance education in nigeria who were unable to access education during their tender ages.

Your study is on the go at any time. There are several ways in which this is accomplished. The first official recognition of education by correspondence came from to by Chautauqua College of Liberal Arts.

Ultimately, his students would carry on his extension work across the country. About possible consequences you can read here: Open University not only overcomes the restrictive concept of place and time, but also eliminates the boundary of nations and nationalities.

Childs also found no appreciable differences in regular classrooms by means of television, or by a combination of correspondence study and television Almenda, Students do not have to finish their programme of study within a given period of time; rather, they study at their own time and pace.

Online learning institutions are springing up Studying in traditional institutions or what you call today the brick and mortar classrooms are gradually getting outdated, and the reason is simple. Distance education is used extensively in the places like Lagos State or Abuja where students are scattered over distant geographical areas that will otherwise prevent attending classes.

From this important and needed study, Childs concluded "television instruction is not a method.

Obasanjo is ‘Father of Open, Distance Education in Nigeria’ –Buhari

This would have ensured the need of allowing access to education for all. Some of the distance education classes are interactive, some are not. Two individuals who played major roles in the advancement of the state of scholarly research in the field are Charles Wedemeyer of the University of Wisconsin and Gayle Childs of the University of Nebraska Wright, Education, as the case may be, prepare an individual to suit into labour market, civil service and continuous personal development necessary for industrial advancement of the people, and socio- political growth of a nation.

It is a leader in the large-scale application of technology to facilitate distance learning. The main finding of the Wallace study is that continuing education is necessary for better job performance and advancement in the job market.

Wedmeyer and Childs publications, books, and films on correspondence study have provided teachers and students with an invaluable source of process design, teaching, and learning. The program in NYSES modified the concept of academic credits and provided a greater flexibility regarding degree requirements and time limitations than was characteristic of tradition-based degree programs Gerrity, In the years between the World Warsthe federal government granted radio broadcasting licenses to colleges, universities, and school boards.

Learn Internet Business from Scratch: Watkins explained that leadership for the development of university-level extension throughout the nation was provided by Herbert Baxter Adams, the foremost historian of his day.

During the s and s, a number of alternatives to traditional higher education developed in the United States. Both played major roles in the advancement of distance education research. Her conclusion of study revealed the reasons for participation were opportunity to earn an MBA Before the implementation of open and distance education in Nigeria, the policy was to adopt the traditional approach, that is, the face to face approach in tertiary institutions but some issues arises, when some educational organizations rather opted to adopt the modern technology technique in offering open and distance education.

There is need however, for more tertiary institutions in this emerging large scale economic growth. Television is an instrument by means of which instruction can be transmitted from one place to another" Almenda, Still, the concept of education by radio was a major reason for development of educational television by the mid 20th century.What is distance Education What are the job prospects after studying through distance Education Complete information about distance education in Nigeria.

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Types of distance learning; Top. Open and distance education in Nigeria has played a tremendous role in human development and socio-economic growth of Nigerian state. Education is the bedrock to every development, and instrument of political stability, and industrial advancement.

The Department of Open and Distance Education seeks to regulate the quality of open and distance / Cross-border provision of university education in Nigeria, in order to ensure that Nigeria optimizes these modes, in ameliorating the problem of inadequate access and in fast-tracking high level human capacity production for national development and global competitiveness in line with regulatory.

An Overview of Educational Issues in Nigeria: Thoughts and Reflections Author(s): The utmost importance attached to education in Nigeria was clearly underscored in the National Policy on Education (FRN, ).

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, in this policy, adopted education as an and distance education. It is one of the most recent. 1.) To examine the use of instructional technology in distance education in Nigeria 2.) To trace the historical origins of distance education in Nigeria 3.) To examine the challenges The first education ordinance took place in while Nigeria was still a protectorate under the British Government.

Retention and Failure in Distance Education: The Nigeria Teachers Institute experience. Unpublished PhD Thesis. The Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan.

Aderinoye, R. A. (). Teacher Training by Distance: The Nigerian Experience. In John Daniels (Ed.) Proceeding of the ICDE Conference. Birmingham, UK.

Distance education in nigeria
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