Evolution of safety management

Workers have a tool located in their responsive web-based interface that allows them to capture and report hazards in real time. Near-miss Reporting Near-miss reporting can be time consuming and even frightening for some workers.

Safety Evolution provides your company with a tool to ensure the hazards seen by the workforces are being recognized, corrected and communicated.

Safety Evolution automates the safety management system reducing exposure time to hazards. Hazards, behaviors and corrective actions are highlighted in easy to understand graphs.

Risk Matrix Employers struggle to understand the actual risk associated with the work their employees are completing. Vehicle Inspection Vehicle inspections are often lost or take weeks to reach your maintenance department. Dashboard The Safety Evolution Dashboard communicates the information gathered through Evolution of safety management system.

Employers often struggle managing employees and ensuring that the company message is delivered in a consistent manner. Real Time Analytics Real time analytics change the way you see and react to risk and behavior, allowing your company to begin transitioning from a reactive safety program to a proactive health and safety strategy.

Worker competencies are tracked within the same system as worker training. Turnkey Safety Management System Safety Management System SMS Take the work out of building your health and safety management system The Safety Evolution Safety Management System includes safework practices and procedures, hazard identification, nearmiss reporting, site inspections, vehicle and equipment inspections, corrective action management, automated onboarding and orientation, training and competency program, employee management, real time analytics, insights and a complete incident management system.

It creates and auditable sequence that streamlines your administrative requirements and reduces turnaround time within your business unit. Hazard Identification HID Hazard Identification programs contain information that can be integral to understanding the safe and at risk conditions on the work site.

Hazard Assessment Hazard assessments are completed through the automated forms provided with in the system.

Turnkey Safety Management System

Through automation it becomes feasible for companies to implement this program without the addition of more administrative staff. The goal is to provide your team with systems that work and compliment the core values of your company. Each person or unit can deviate from the expected delivery and content leaving new workers without the required knowledge to be successful.

Behaviors recognized in the report are automatically trended for your team. Equipment Inspection Equipment downtime can reduce productivity and cost your business hard earned profits.

Orientation Once the initial onboarding is complete the user completes a custom orientation that is always consistent and delivers the message your company has endorsed. Safety Manual The Safety Evolution team will provide you with a complete safety manual, safe work practices and procedures tailored to your company and guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards.

The systems automation allows supervision the freedom to focus on their roles instead of being buried in administrative function. Employee Management Safety Evolution provides employers with an automated employee management system.

Pricing For companies wanting to leverage our powerful SMS with customized documents. Automated corrective actions linked to inspections can reduce your deficiency turnaround time increasing productivity and profits.

Safety Evolution SMS

Behavioral Based Safety Behavioral based safety focuses on worker behavior to identify safe and at risk behaviors. The forms come with predefined automations designed to reduce administrative requirements.

Behaviours are pulled from multiple sources. Corrective Action Automation The automated corrective action workflow is the heart of your health and safety management system.

The process of documenting, follow-up and verification of completion can be a time-consuming process.Safety Evolution's Automated Safety Management System provides the framework for your Health and Safety Program. Safety Evolution can provide your company with a safety manual and safework practices & procedures that meet or exceed industry standards or we can load your existing paper based safety program into the system making it.

Safety Management System (SMS) is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide. It is recognized by the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and civil aviation authorities (CAA) and product/service providers as the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation.

Safety Evolution offers industry training & safety services. We work with clients who know that safety is a huge contributor to a successful.

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Evolution Safety Resources: Wake Forest Rd, SuiteRaleigh, NC Tel:. Free Essay: Evolution of Safety Management The aviation industry is an organization that contains too many moving parts to control. The industry has. Safety Management Systems (SMSs) are the product of a continuing evolution in aviation safety.

Early aviation pioneers had little safety regulation, practical experience, or engineering knowledge to guide them.

Evolution of safety management
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