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There were two presenters. They answered questions throughout the presentation.

A template for writing fieldnotes

They were very strait forward with us telling us what they were here for. Again, they told us how the test engineering section needed 75 engineers. We took a break and the AET society served pizza and drinks. More information on the facilities Slide- pictures on fabrication and assembly capabilities.

He said that a lot of people stay a long time at Raytheon without moving to other companies. Also, they were speaking to us as engineers, not students. They had a lot of visual aids ready to help make us understand better.

Next, they talked about the ways money is saved through careful design and planning and about keeping customers happy. Then they explained what they were going to talk about and show us. The video was very impressive showing off the company in a very showy but effective way.

The video also explained what some of the engineers do for the company. Presenters switched off between each other a lot during this section but the main speaker still spoke more.

He said that the company is growing and that the name has changed through the years and several buyouts. All of the things done in this are important within my professional context because they show us how professionals act and how companies work.

Next, they showed a slide giving some information including their website. The hypothesis and questions about your observations.

Personal reflections of the observation. Joked about the weather. They talked about continuing to work and design and about their mission and devotion to American people again, trying to sell company.

Joseph Mosnier Interview Date: A recent issue of Popular Anthropology Magazine Vol 4, No 1, has a section dedicated to blogging fieldnotes.

Probably to make us more comfortable. Furthermore, field notes have two components: This statement serves to boost our egos. Then they thanked us for allowing them to speak to us and the session was over. Projects are done in teams. Born April 18,in Lumberton, Robeson County, NC, Blue was educated in the local segregated public schools, earned a degree in mathematics from North Carolina College in Durham now North Carolina Central University between and during a period of ongoing civil rights protests in Durham, and then attended Duke Law School, graduating in This is done at all AET presentations.

Slide-contains picture and map of area Slide-show facilities and map of facilities along with company information. Trying to sell themselves More technical stuff throughout this part of the presentation.HOW TO MAKE FIELD NOTES Your objective is to create an accurate written record of your field activities, investiga-tions, observations and thoughts.

You should record date and location information in a EXAMPLE: Field Notes, Species Account. Title: fieldnotes-handout Created Date. A sample of recorded ethnographic observations What follows is a sample of what ethnographic fieldnotes may look like when they are "written up," as I've asked you to do in your ethnographic exercise.

This is an actual set of fieldnotes Field notes First visit to Mount Pisgah Chapel, Central NC. THE INTERVIEWEE. Daniel T. Blue, Jr., has been a major figure on the North Carolina political landscape and pioneering African American political leader since the early s, serving since in the NC House and as that body's first-ever African American Speaker during the and This does not refer to an artistic endeavor but, rather, refers to the possible need, for example, to draw a map of the observation setting or illustrating objects in relation to people's behavior.

This can also take the form of rough tables or graphs documenting the frequency and type of activities observed. Note that field reports. A template for writing fieldnotes. Thank you for your template it helped as I start to write my field notes. Reply. Pingback: Field Notes – Unbuilt Studio.

Katharina Recnik says: September 26, at pm Hi! I am halfways in my process of doing fieldwork for my masters. I want to ask you if it would be possible to see one fieldnote. are examples of interpretive words. "The building was welcoming" is interpretive. Descriptive means supplying enough detail so the reader does not have to guess what the writer means or supply a great deal of additional information to interpret Observation and Field Notes.

Field note example
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