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Data on our fitting chart is taken from Mercedes factory options and from recognised tuning companies; this means wheel sizes on the chart are available to order from the factory with a new car or that the wheel sizes have been properly tested by specialist tuners like AMG and Brabus.

If you are aware of any errors or omissions on any of the fitment guides, please email us. Other letters include but are not limited to A for cabriolet, X for 4x4 vehicles, and V for large saloons.

In the end, fitting frees you up to attack the course with every shot and gives you the confidence needed to lower your scores.

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Speed Rating speed Fitting in Warm Up Arrive early to your fitting with your current set of clubs in order to warm up and create a benchmark. Each vehicle has a recommended offset range and this is different from vehicle to vehicle. Shaft Select shaft model, flex and weight to optimize distance, trajectory, dispersion and feel.

In our example XL simply means that the tyre has been designed for extra load. Please refer to our main fitting guide for an explanation of each of these and how they are important.

These are typically the range of wheel sizes that would have been available to order with your vehicle from the factory β€” either as standard or as an option. This gives you the flexibility to change your wheels for a set that are a bigger or smaller diameter e.

This letter denotes the shape of the wheel where the bead of the rim meets the tyre. The tyre profile is the second number on the tyre. This means each wheel has 5 bolts, and an imaginary circle passing through the centre of each bolt would be mm in diameter.

Launch Monitor Technology Fitters are equipped with ball flight monitor technology to help you find the best performing clubs for your game. You will then select your preferred grip model and size.

Mercedes-benz wheel fitting chart

This is the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit in inches and therefore the diameter of the inner rim.

In this example, 96Y, the Y indicates that the tyre is designed to travel up to mph with the corresponding load. By adhering to these sizes you can ensure that you only order wheels that that will fit your Mercedes correctly, and are safe to use on your vehicle.

It is usually used when browsing our product range manually and can also be useful to identify which tyre sizes you need to order for your Mercedes. It pays to be properly fitted.

Understanding Wheel Sizes and Measurement Wheels have four different measurements: Traditionally measured in inches, you will see measurements like 18x8 on our fitting charts and also on our website - this means that the wheels are 18" in diameter and 8" wide.

Oour fitting charts are simple free guides provided without warranty - We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data on these charts.

You can use these guides to determine which wheels will fit your vehicle or which tyres will fit your existing wheels.A Titleist golf club fitting is so much more than determining your specs – it’s about learning which shots you need and finding the right clubs to hit those shots.

In the end, fitting frees you up to attack the course with every shot and.

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You're in: Information > Fitting Chart Fitting Chart Alloy Wheel Fitting Charts and Wheel Fitment Guide. We provide a range of free wheel fitment guides (charts) for different vehicle manufacturers to help you determine which wheels and tyres will fit your vehicle.

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As a result, you get a vast archive of photos and never-before-published HD movies to enjoy. You're in: Information > Fitting Chart > Mercedes-benz Mercedes-benz wheel fitting chart.

Please scroll down for our Mercedes wheel fitment chart. Our wheel fitment chart for Mercedes Benz vehicles lists the majority of Mercedes' past and present vehicle range against the wheels and tyres that will fit each model, and their offsets.

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