Master thesis international finance course

Want to learn more about the curriculum design at AIU? All economics classes are in English, while electives in other departments can be in French, given that the Graduate Institute is bilingual.

You will focus on writing your thesis during the fourth semester, under the guidance of your advisor. Students normally narrow down their research topic during their third semester, leading to a concrete thesis proposal by the end of the semester.

Note though, that these degrees typically place more emphasis on theory and sometimes less on practice. Topics could include retirement planning, risk management or employee benefits, as well as learning how to build and maintain client relationships, the factors that can affect financial decision-making, the psychology of money, emotional intelligence and decision theory.

Master of Finance

Students will submit a dissertation proposal by the end of their fifth semester at the Institute, with a successful proposal granting them a Master degree. Instead, the online Master of Banking and Finance MA curriculum is designed individually by the student and academic advisor.

A thesis completes the programme. Topics covered may include quantitative asset pricing, financial derivatives and topics relating to volatility processes, continuous-time processes, extreme values, long memory, endogenous sampling transaction data and microstructure of financial markets.

Conditional on being admitted, the answer is "yes". Our faculty, be they junior or senior, are usually master thesis international finance course teachers, and are certainly superlative researchers who are respected the world over - and this has been the case since the Institute was founded in the s.

As above, some MSF and all M. The programme is organised into three tracks: Our classes are small: Com [27] finance or financial management [28] closely correspond to the MSF. In addition to the general admission conditions, the Economics department requires applicants to the Master and PhD programme to take the GRE test school code: The overlap with the M.

Comparison with other qualifications[ edit ] Although there is some overlap with an M. Further on, a Masters in Finance should allow students to choose from one or several focus areas, developing their own research project. If the PhD application proves unsuccessful, students will simply finish the MIS programme in the standard timeframe.

As regards the MSF, on the other hand, although the two programs do differ in the weight assigned to theory, there is some overlap: They are taken over the first three semesters of the programme.

Master in International Economics

Fin programs overlap with degrees in financial engineeringcomputational finance and mathematical finance: After evaluating both academic record and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors will assist students in setting up a custom-made program, designed on an individual basis.

Can I follow classes outside the Institute? Topics covered are likely to include corporate finance, accounting, financial markets, capital budgeting, shareholder dividend policies and allocation of assets. For those who choose to pursue a PhD, we have two excellent programmes of our own, and if you decide to test the waters at leading international universities, you should know that we have a great track record in terms of getting our students into top schools, both in the US and in Europe.

The credit requirements are for 90 credits ECTS from classes: Both degree types, though, emphasize quantitative topics, and may also offer some non-quantitative elective coursework, such as corporate governancebusiness ethics and business strategy.

If you specialize in financial markets, you master thesis international finance course learn about theories relating to the role of financial systems and monetary policy formulation, the main regulators of financial markets and their functions, the history and evolution of financial markets, private sector banking, diversification of banking, bond markets and macroeconomic analysis as it applies to financial markets, at national and global levels.

These programs may also differ as to entrance requirements. Note, however, that the treatment of any common topics — usually financial modelingderivatives and risk management — will differ as to level of detail and approach.

Our selection process is highly competitive. Similar to the MSc, programs are sometimes specifically focused on Financial Planning or Banking, for example, as opposed to more general coverage of finance.

It is meant solely as a reference point and example. The course is taught to strengthen the theoretical underpin of the degree; however, since the emphasis is application, it is not developed.Master in Finance Course Description* Period 1 (Sep-Dec) an international accounting perspective.

Additionally, the course will examine consolidation policies and accounting for international corporations. Master in Finance Please see the course description in Period I. Master International Economics Master in International Economics policy-relevant training.

The programme is organised into three tracks: (i) International Finance, (ii) Development and (iii) International Trade. Who can apply? you will identify a supervisor for your master thesis.

Students normally narrow down their research topic. Thinking of doing a Masters in Finance? Read about graduate finance specializations, career options and key skills Common skills gained with a master's degree in finance include: Understanding of financial practices, principles and industry Sometimes called multinational finance, international finance is a broad branch of financial.

Management Core: This course aims to provide students a comprehensive understanding of the process of internationalization as well as managing an enterprise/organization in an international setting.

Students will participate in an organized study trip outside of Canada. Study Finance at universities or colleges in Canada - find 31 Master Finance degrees to study abroad. 31 Finance Master's degrees in Canada - Explore. Master of Banking and Finance (MA) School of Business and Economics Atlantic International University.

The Master of Banking and Finance (MA) program objective is to provides students with a deeper understanding of the field that allows the student to analyze and solve financial issues.

Master thesis international finance course
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