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He is now a taxi driver for twenty years, ten years he worked for the same firm ll. With an Afterword by the editor. After having a short conversation, they come to the conclusion that his son might be addicted to drugs and that he sells his things to earn money to buy drugs.

His father did not speak directly to him and he has increased himself in conjectures. But his shame initially looks like the usual embarrassment teenagers sometimes have for their parents and not the disgust that Farid, and Ali, develops throughout the story.

At the beginning, Farid seems ashamed of his father when he is taking the pictures of the Fingerhuts. The short story was also adapted into a film of the same title. The short story creates at its opening a very calm atmosphere of an average father worrying about his son.

My hope the story might be interesting to read and help me to learn something new became true. He even grows a beard to please Ali. He emigrated from Pakistan, where he was taught the Koran. Parvez would do everything to win Ali back, he is willing to pray l.

We learn there that Ali turned to religion and the Koran. The West was a sink of hypocrites, adulterers, homosexuals, drug takers and prostitutes. The theme is fanaticism.

The conflict escalates through an argument between Ali and Bettina l. After a conversation with his friends and with Bettina Parvez worries about his son taking drugs. Apparently there is a really bad contact between father and son, which also leads to the violence.

My Son the Fanatic Essay Sample

This led to extreme mistrust and dispute between Parvez and Ali. In the short story Ali shows his disgust for his father in the conversation they have when they are out for dinner. And after the discussion in the cab he is drinking unhampered. So Parvez even cries p. The relationship is here finally broken.

But when they are in a restaurant, Parvez drinks too much alcohol so they begin to quarrel. He is very implicated in the Western civilization, therefore all he wants for his son is a good education as an accountant and an English marriage.

He is also eating bacon, which is pork, and Muslims may not eat pork. After a humble beginning as an usher for the Royal Theatre, Kureishi later became a writer in residence of the theatre. Parvez is trying his best to make Ali a successful accountant, who lives by Christian rules and integrates him self in the English society.

Parvez notices that Ali prays five times a day, although he had not been brought up to be religious. During the next days Parvez tries to explain cautiously to his son what his ideas and attitudes towards life are.

What is the thematic concept of My Son the Fanatic?

But the high rate of immigration into Great Britain from different continents and so the development to a multicultural country created problems.

Since Parvez has defended Bettina from a client who had attacked her, they take care of each other. To this statement, Parvez feels puzzled and exasperated. Ali cannot understand why his dad loves London and the Western civilization, he thinks that they hate him and his father l.

He avoids religion because a Maulvi humiliated him when he studied the Koran. Parzev, though raised Muslim, wants with all his heart to embrace the customs and the opportunities offered in England, his adopted home.My son the fanatic “My son the fanatic” is written by Hanif Kureishi, he was born in He has written many short stories and he has often written about the subjects: race, nationalism and immigration.

”My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi Essay Sample

My son the fanatic is a story about Parvez and his son Ali. In the beginning they have a really good relationship just like brothers, but they end up like strangers to each other. They are Pakistani, but they live in England, and Parvez has converted to the English culture.

My Son the Fanatic – Relationship between Parvez and Ali In the short story “My Son the Fanatic“, written by Hanif Kureishi inParvez and Ali are the two main characters. The centre is a conflict between them, caused by changes in Ali's 8.

My Son the Fanatic who is fanatic the son or father in the short story my son the fanatic? Related posts:Systems science"Estimating Demand and Its Elasticities" Please respond to the following: From the scenario for Kat Thermochemistry. This article reads like a term paper and may require cleanup.

Please help to improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia's quality standards. My Son the Fanatic is a short story written by Hanif Kureishi first published in The New Yorker in Author: Hanif Kureishi. My Son the Fanatic. 1. Introduction.

The theme of my term paper is the analysis of a short story with special regard to the socio-cultural and historical

My son the fanatic term paper
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