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Kotarou realizes that Lucia is actually Haruka, and Lucia explains that she has the power to poison anything by touch and to break glass at a distance. Go back to the first episode of the season when Bernard is in the secret bunker with Charlotte Hale and he is attempting to help her track down Peter Abernathy.

He runs into Kotori and kills her parents, telling her that she was a nuisance to him all along. So that night after Angela returns with one of the Delos guards, who informs them that Charlotte and the rest of the Delos forces are taking Peter Abernathy to the Mesa, Dolores has her army prepare the train for departure at dawn so they can get her father.

Edit Akane is known as the "School Witch" due to the way in which her desires and grudges become realities. Sizuru displayed a remarkable healing ability, and her parents accepted a monetary offer to hand her over to a certain institution. Kotarou starts going on solo missions and saves various kids, both summoners and superhumans alike, to go live with Jasmine and the others.

The ribbon put too much of a burden on Kotarou, so in an effort to save his life, Kagari removes the ribbon and Pani and Gil sacrifice themselves for his sake. Akane is then called to a meeting by the Board of Directors to discus about the future of their organization with Suzaki.

Throughout all of these sequences, Maeve gets flashes of the Man in Black shooting and killing her daughter while she was unable to do anything. Later, a young druid found Kotarou, who was on the brink of death at the time, while Akane, although unconscious at that time, remained safe.

She stabs the Shogun in the ear and then runs it around his head before decapitating him completely. Instead, Dolores has amped up his aggressiveness, cruelty and self-preservation.

Appearance Edit She has flaxen hair, and amber eyes. She becomes frustrated whenever Kotarou brings a new addition to the Club, but then allows him to do as he pleases, focusing more on playing video games and covering up after them than on actually providing leads or helping them investigate.

He later gets a text from the witch telling him to go to school at midnight, but he encounters the girl with the red ribbons and runs away from her, inadvertently stepping into a different dimension.

Flies hate smoke so the pyre from the burning cows forced them to look for a new home far away from the Abernathy ranch. When Pero gets loose, Kotaoru searches for him and brings him back to Kotori, but Pero dies shortly after that.

Akane agrees and so she prepares alongside Sakura as they get ready to dance for the Shogun. After that, Shizuru and Lucia have a confrontation with Chihaya and Akane. He heads to the top of the temple, but finds all of the choir members dead with Sakura overlooking the ruined city.

Shortly thereafter, odd things begin happening around Kotarou such as glass that mysteriously shatters. The two parallel stories showcased the pair of powerful women dominating Westworld this season with Maeve reaching a new level of consciousness and power with her abilities seemingly growing with each passing day.

‘Westworld’ Recap ‘Akane No Mai’: The Voice of God

While trying to fend them off, three claw-like blades emerge from his wrist, killing one of the creatures while the other two flee. After Esaka comes back to Japan, Guardian captures Suzaki, but Kotarou kills him the moment he realizes his true identity.

Teddy asks if Dolores would leave with him, find a place away from all this madness and they could settle down together. At night, Kotarou uses his superpowers to hunt and kill various creatures he finds at school or in the forest, dubbing himself the "Earth-saving hunter".

The next day, the girl with the red ribbons shows up during school, but only Kotarou can see her. Kotarou later learns from Lucia and a teacher, Touka Nishikujou, that they and Sizuru are members of an organization called Guardian whose aim is to protect the world. After Kotarou secures the Key, he comes upon an injured Takasago, then eventually engages him in battle.

Rewrite (TV 2)

Meanwhile, both Guardian and Gaia are preparing for a confrontation during the Harvest Festa. Kotarou runs into Lucia by chance, but she tells him to just forget about her and lead an ordinary life. He glimpses a man killing the dog before passing out and later wakes up at a ramen stand thanks to two men who found him in the park.

However, one hunter snipes at the Key with an arrow, seemingly killing it. The sixth girl acquired her powers, but did not know what to do with them. Akane is introverted and avoidant of crowds, to the point of being teased for being a shut-in in many occasions.

They attempt to lead him to a way out, but awaken a gigantic monster in the process which attacks them. Burn the Disease When we last saw Dolores, she was trying to rescue her father Peter Abernathy after he was taken by Delos guards led by Charlotte Hale.

He finds Kagari looking over a grid of glowing lines on a daisy-covered hill in the forest, but he does not remember her. When they arrive, Dolores and Teddy find that almost the entire town has been slaughtered and the place is left in ruins.

Maeve and her cohorts are taken prisoner by the samurai warrior before being led back into a town inside Shogun World that looks eerily familiar to everybody. Kotarou refuses, becoming heartbroken by the fact that the Occult Club and its members will never return to how it was before. Kotarou realizes that he is willing to risk his life to maintain his thin connection with her.

Their next investigation involves uncovering a "rainbow utopia" in the woods, and Kotori brings along her extremely strong dog Chibi-Moth for protection. His parents take him to sit in on lectures at the Martel Group, an environmental protection organization, where he meets a young Akane who can only say a single word.List of Rewrite episodes.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Both songs are remixes of theme songs featured in the original Rewrite visual novel and its fan disc Rewrite Harvest festa!. The witch introduces herself as Akane Senri, a.

Which route is the Rewrite anime based on? up vote 3 down vote favorite. 1. where possessed Akane instruments Salvation through Kagari, but a few humans are just barely able to survive.

Season 2 - The Door

But they probably die off, unable to rebuild human civilization. which is central theme of the route (and the whole VN by extension). share | improve. Tokyo One Piece Tower Theme Park Gets Immersive Theater Experience; Rewrite 2nd Season's 1st Promo Video Previews Story (Dec 28, Eri Kitamura as Akane Senri.

Hiroki Touchi as Sougen. Free Hentai Doujinshi Gallery: [Tabuchi-san Chi (Tabuchi)] Akane-sama to Ichatsuku Hon (Rewrite) [Digital] - Tags: rewrite, akane senri, kotarou tennouji, tabuchi-san chi, tabuchi, masturbation, full color.

By all accounts, this season of Westworld will mostly take place between the two weeks after Dolores killed Robert Ford and when the Delos forces arrived to take back the theme park. Jun 28,  · Philosophyz - Rewrite OP / Theme song [piano] Animenz Piano Sheets.

the best heroine route in Rewrite was Akane's, but Shizuru is still the cutest girl.

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- Amagi Brilliant Park OP [piano.

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