Should pueto rico become 51st state

As already discussed, because Puerto Rico is a U. For those reasons alone, Puerto Rico should be the 51st state. Many citizens are concerned about their rights and independence as a U. This question becomes increasingly poignant following natural disasters.

S state could potentially provide an impoverished island with a fighting chance at equality, but at hefty costs to local industry and U.

Puerto Rico becoming a U. S citizenships for 99 years 1-year shy from a century and admittance into the U. Adding Puerto Rico to the mix would cause much-needed federal funding to be directed away from other U.

However, since Puerto Rico is not currently a U. Puerto Rico, known for its beautiful lands and mountains, the El Yunque tropical rainforest, and cultural Spanish colonial buildings, is often regarded as a place of tourism. Transitioning into independence would let Puerto Rico address its debt crisis on its own terms and grants its inhabitants the right to self-determination.

With this in mind, if Puerto Rico — a U. S territory — is paying taxes to the U. A great place to begin, would be in conferring superlative peculiarities in which Puerto Rico is hailed for. Yet, despite their citizenship, which enables them to serve in the American Army, Puerto Ricans are limited in the benefits they receive as U.

Plus, worrying about non-U.

Bankruptcy Codewhen it falls on financial hardship. The question is, can the U. On a more serious note, Puerto Rico is a populated territory, in which its populace is greater than half of the states formally incorporated into the United States.

In becoming a U. As Chomsky states, American Imperialism has been deeply rooted in Puerto Rico — why not just harvest it? If Puerto Rico becomes a U.

Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?

With over four million citizens, U. Many people are often unaware that Puerto Rico is quite established with common languages being both Spanish and English.

Doing so would give more power to the people, as they would be able to hold accountable elected representatives at all levels of government.

Making Puerto Rico a state would limit accessible corporate corruption channels significantly. Puerto Ricans have been granted U. The aftermath of Hurricane Maria brings up another serious aspect to consider.

It is even more caustic, how Puerto Ricans pay US federal taxes but have little to no say in governmental actions. More than half of eligible voters, voted in advocating of beginning the process in admitting Puerto Rico to the Union.

In other words, Puerto Ricans have been granted U.Three reasons Puerto Rico should become the 51st state Puerto Ricans would live better, on their own turf, a win-win for all The current situation is holding Puerto. Here, a very palindromic 15 ways the Rico-suave US territory should become state No.

51, leaving Guam and American Samoa back at the kiddie table (sorry, guys). 1) The Vandy man can If it’s good enough for the Vanderbilt family, it’s good enough for us. Nov 25,  · When Spain granted Puerto Rico to the United States inPresident William McKinley initiated a project that he defined as “benevolent assimilation” on an island filled with people who already had a strong identity of their own and who, of course, primarily spoke Spanish.

Many people are often unaware that Puerto Rico is quite established with common languages being both Spanish and English. For those reasons alone, Puerto Rico should be the 51st state. Despite the fact that the Commonwealth government has its own tax laws, Puerto Ricans are already required to pay most US federal taxes.

To place this. Express your thoughts as to whether Puerto Rico should become the 51st U.S. state. Find out what others think about Puerto Rico becoming a state. The tepid response from the U.S. government reignited debate around whether or not Puerto Rico should become the 51st state.

Puerto Rico is home to roughly million people, and many believe they deserve the right to vote in U.S. elections and representation in Congress.

But others oppose statehood, arguing Puerto Rico is.

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Should pueto rico become 51st state
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