Strategic plan example non-profit business plan

Considering these things will motivate you into conducting a successful planning. Download this sample template in Microsoft Word docx format. The staff team entrusted with this activity should ensure that the targeted grants and funds are raised to meet the expenses planned during the plan period.

To ensure this an NPO should identify the risks that may occur in obtaining the needed funds and be ready with alternate and precautionary actions in its strategic plan against such risks.

A shortfall in revenue in a for-profit organization can be met with short and long-term borrowings from investors and lending agencies. The strategic plan should also clearly define the organization hierarchy such that operational issues are properly escalated and solved in right time without wastage of resources.

Risk Analysis Most of the activities of an NPO are dependent on environmental or outside factors beyond the control of the NPO, having an inbuilt element of risk while being performed.

Where it is found that the planned fund-raising is falling below targeted values, the NPO management should increase its efforts in this regard to raise the shortfall grants and funds.

When set tasks are accomplished as planned, the NPO is recognized as a good performer by governments, foundations, and philanthropists enabling the NPO to obtain higher grants and raise more funds for its activities in strategic plan example non-profit business plan following years.

Improve your plan as you go.

7 Nonprofit Plan Examples & Samples

In a for-profit business organization improving the bottom line will be the objective, measured by projected profit to be achieved during the plan period. Conclusion Strategic Plan for a non-profit organization is essential as resources are scarce while their applications are always high.

Business Planning for Nonprofits

How to measure success will be a methodology used to measure the actual performance of NPO compared to the targets set for each goal. Hence it is important to clarify and list all the goals and targets to be achieved by the NPO.

Hence an NPO having defined its goals and targets should identify possible risks that may arise while executing the strategic plan to achieve the goals. The more the benefit, the better are the chances of getting more grants and donations in the future.

The SWOT Analysis includes not only the listing of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats but also how they are going to be managed.

Generally, it is a three year period for which projections are made to be as realistic as possible. Similar to any marketing activity, the NPO should plan its campaign of conveying its message to such entities and convincing them to make grants in its favor.

When plan period is 3 to 5 years, long term-goals can be broken down into annual goals under the SMART rule and any shortcoming in one year can be made good in the subsequent plan year. Goals and Tasks The purpose of preparing a strategic plan is to achieve definite goals and complete specific tasks by the end of the plan period.

Know how much resources and time shall be used. In this section, details of what to measure and how to measure the various achievements of the NPO is explained. Such entities would donate and support only if the NPO has a strong goodwill and reputed name.

Campaigning the Cause The NPO has to sell its laudable cause, purpose and the change it wants to bring about through its service to governments, foundations, philanthropic entities and individuals to obtain grants and raise funds.

NPOs are generally service providers and a goal could be a number of beneficiaries to be serviced during the plan period. In an NPO, products, and services are not marketed but the cause and purpose are sold as a noble concept to governments and foundations that give grants to NPOs.

This will be a measurement of its services, as an NPO, since there would be no profit to judge the success of any NPO operations. Where expenses go beyond the projected limits, the NPO management takes corrective action to bring down such expenses. Where deviations are found, the NPO management can take corrective measures to bring back the NPO activities on the right and planned track.

Sample Nonprofit Business Plans

Identify goals, objectives, and targets. A management reporting and information system should be in place to report actual performance to the corporate management.

As a non-profit organization, an NPO has to approach government and non-government entities for aid and donations to fund their activities and also approach the community for support to their service.

The strategic plan has to detail existing human resources, additional manpower needed to execute targets set, training needs of staff, authority and accountability in performing various tasks and empowerment to take decisions in right time.

As the very name implies, Key Performance Indicator KPI is a measure that tells how efficiently a key activity has been performed.

4+ Sample Non-Profit Strategic Plan Templates Free Download

Of course, things happen when we least expect them. Such goals identified and defined help employees of the NPO to clearly understand what they have to do and achieve.Strategic plan template for nonprofits.

Included are standard sections such as Values, Goals, SWOT Analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Free file download in Microsoft Word format to create your non-profit organization's (NPO).

Sample Nonprofit Business Plans. 03/30/ Share. business planning. Summary.

Strategic Plan Template for Nonprofits

As a result, it encourages strategic thinking, not only while the plan is being created, but also thereafter, as implementation leads to new challenges and the need to make new decisions and tradeoffs. The Nonprofit Business Plan: A Leader's Guide to Creating a Successful Business Model David La Piana, Heather Gowdy, Lester Olmstead-Rose, and Brent Copen, Turner Publishing Join your state association of nonprofits for special opportunities, such as assistance with business planning, as well as strategic planning.

7 Nonprofit Plan Examples & Samples. Non-Profit Business Plan. Details. File Format. PDF; planning allows the organization to think ahead of the strategies and approach to use in their future plans.

Also, planning ahead will enable the organization to forecast the processes they need. Sample Timeline for Strategic Planning Example of a strategic plan from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits; Scenario planning worksheets (Northland Foundation) Resources.

Adaptive Planning Toolkit What’s the difference between a business plan and a strategic plan for a nonprofit?. strategic‐planning effort was to solicit and listen to the diverse voices of the Metro Denver community.

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

This was achieved through a Listening Campaign that involved nearly individuals, including members of the public, donors, and leaders from the nonprofit, business, and public sectors.

Strategic plan example non-profit business plan
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