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The overall thrust of the Global Compact is to accent the moral purpose of business and is summarized well by Kofi Annan in a quote that appears in the promotional brochure: In it established two business-led leadership groups dealing with human rights and anti-corruption.

Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and Principle 9: We think that those three steps are absolutely essential if this initiative is to be effective, credible and win the trust of human rights organizations.

Members of the board are appointed by the chair — the United Nations Secretary-General. Nike projects itself with the joy of sports.

A company subscribing to the Principles is invited to make a clear statement of support and must include some reference in its annual report or other public documents on the progress it is making on internalizing the Principles within its operations.

But the rest of the world is vulnerable, and this vulnerability has been exacerbated by the neo-liberal orthodoxies of The un global compact politics essay so-called Washington consensus.

Most scholars who have contributed research on codes of conduct see the Compact as another code without accountability, a public relations document without substance.

However, the incentive of gaining international recognition is not perceived as compelling among all types of firms.

Currently there are approximately 85 Local Networks in total. Shell, Chevron and BP and other oil companies promote their own commitment to environmental stewardship. Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses. Andy Scerri and Dr.

Global sustainability governance and the UN global compact: In addition, the International Chamber of Commerce, which represents mainly large companies, has been a major force for the business side of the Global Compact.

Such principles provide a framework which companies agree to strategize their operations in accordance with human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption standards UNGA, Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights ; and Principle 2: In this environment of increasing skepticism, without a traditional accountability structure as part of the Global Compact, its legitimacy will be in question.

Additionally, subscribing to good corporate citizenship has emerged into a mainstream trend for businesses. With the active participation and financial contribution of its members Global Compact Bulgaria organized numerous initiatives related to environment, health, education and youth.

In the litigious business environment of the U. The spread of markets outpaces the ability of societies and their political systems to adjust to them, let alone to guide the course they take. Cleaning up the Global Compact: The first two principles pertain to human rights.

Making Global Goals Local Business: Blackett goes on to suggest that it might be necessary to bring forward the role of government in implementing the Compact principles.

As a Washington Post editorial on the Global Compact termed it, globalization needs a "softener" to dull its harsh edge, prevent a backlash, and improve the distribution of benefits.

Failure to submit such a description within two years of becoming a signatory to the Compact and subsequently every two years will result in being removed from the list of participants. The Global Compact Network Spain has been successful in involving SMEs, developing interactive resources and reporting tools and emphasizing human rights through the commitment of the local companies.

It is one of the first local networks to be set up as a legal entity.The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact take into account the fundamental responsibilities of business in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. global politics Under what circumstances can a UN peace-keeping operation successfully prevent armed conflictoccurring Abstract This essay discusses how the UN peacekeeping organisations have prevented conflict in the past and whether these strategies need change or improvement.

The United Nations Global Compact is a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. The UN Global Compact is a principle-based framework for businesses, stating ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

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This blog post is primarily focused on corporate social responsibility and multinational corporations joining and abiding by the expectations of the UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact (UNGC) is a corporate citizenship initiative launched in (Meyer & Stefanova, ).

It is an ongoing initiative which has created a normative regime (Lecture, 03/08/).

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The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a worldwide initiative started by the United Nations in order to encourage businesses to take up more sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to also report their implementation.

The un global compact politics essay
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