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It is the chaotic opposite of the Net and most believe that the Web could destroy the Net if a portal between the two realms was left open too long. There is an optional scope parameter that can be passed along with the function call that is a comma-separated list of permissions to request from the person using the app.

Web - World Wide Web

Web Creatures and Web Riders The only way to access the Net from the Web is by a portalThere is no other direct access between the two dimensions.

Quick Points about The Web: Web Creatures seem to have The web difficulty living within this environment, but other beings, even native ones, will avoide some of the more dangerous storms. Web documents also contain graphics, sounds, text and video.

It is a global network connecting millions of computers. If a portal between the Net and the Web remains stable for any length of time Web Creatures will begin invading the system that is open to and try to turn it into a part of the Web. This began the devastating Web War between Mainframe and the Web.

Saucy Mare with Web Shields If a sprite or binome was to be exposed to the Web, he or she would slowly start degrading. Code Masters of the Web are far more powerful and dangerous than their counterparts from the Net. There are no apparent separate systems in the Web, it is simply a continuous flow of energy and data.

These beings can survive the Web and even use the Creatures that thrive like beasts of burden, but at a terrible cost. Upon logging out from your app, the user is also logged out of Facebook.

If people or things from the Net enter the Web they must have web shields made of dead web creatures to survive for any length of time.


Use your app ID where indicated. Each internet computer The web independent. Like nullification this process is irreversible with no known cure. In Queen Elizabeth II sent an email. Upon logging out from either app, the user is logged out of Facebook. These are related to the Code Masters of the Netthe two formats are cousins to each other.

There are more than 3. In March Ray Tomlinson wrote the first basic email program. A small Web Creature can fit through the hole. Once a portal to the system on the other side has been opened the location is easier to find, even when the portal has been closed.

Additionally, logging out is not the same as revoking login permission i. Web services, which use HTTP to allow applications to communicate in order to exchange business logic, use the the web to share information.

If a Web Creature is somehow stranded in the Net they will try to survive until they can find a way back, often attacking native sprites and binomes to remain stable. A systems location is called its Web Address. See statusChangeCallback for when this call is made. The enviroment is full of dense data, forming storms an dense gell like data clumps that float through the Web.

The web also utilizes browserssuch as Internet Explorer or Firefoxto access Web documents called webpages that are linked to each other via hyperlinks. However due to the continuous chaotic flow of unstable energy in the Web it is very difficult to know which tears are random and which ones lead to systems.

This function call may also log the person out of Facebook. A person logs into Facebook, then logs into your app. The only thing marking their location there is a Tear. You can use this as the starting point for your own app, but it will be useful to read on and understand what is happening in the code above.

It is a system of internet servers that support specially formatted documents.

Facebook Login for the Web with the JavaScript SDK

Quick Points about The Internet: The Internet and the Web are two separate but related things.Digg is the homepage of the internet, featuring the best articles, videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now.

Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web is in decline, as simpler, sleeker services — think apps — are less about the searching and. Jul 04,  · With E.G. Marshall, Leslie Nielsen, Haila Stoddard, Mildred Dunnock.

Live dramas based on stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America/10(29). THE WEB Extreme entertainment, Cincinnati's Tri-State area's newest and most exciting entertainment center! The Web is a level of Cyber Space inhabiting all computers. There are no apparent separate systems in the Web, it is simply a continuous flow of energy and data.

Often data storms will form, hurricane looking storms that are very dangerous.

The Difference Between the Internet and World Wide Web

The Web is inhabited by Code Masters, Web Slugs, the. The World Wide Web (known as "WWW', "Web" or "W3") is the universe of network-accessible information, the embodiment of human knowledge. The World Wide Web began as a networked information project at CERN, where Tim Berners-Lee, now Director of the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C], developed a vision.

The web
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