Why did us lose the vietnam

Did the United States win or lose the Vietnam War?

Support for Vietcong The VC was a political movement of the people. Were the North Vietnamese that concerned about not hurting anyone? However, that is far from the truth. The communists worried that the US might do this again, so they had an incentive to keep the truce.

Further disillusionment for war was brought on by the My Lai massacre of It meant that U. The massive casualties and global consequences of a war with the communist bloc would have been disastrous, and so the US from the outset could not extend its full military might.

At its height in the struggle movements looked likely to win democratic reform, US ambassador Lodge mounted pressure upon the RVN to take action. In short, in the picture of Vietnam, the U. The end of the US bombing campaign led to a vast increase in the weapons and supplies sent down the Ho Chi Minh trail.


Democrats in Congress wanted a U. In the North activity was limited to an aerial bombing campaign pictured. If anyone lost it was the people of Laos and Cambodia who came under Communist rule after the war. On April 30,Saigon, capital of the U.

This proved to be an entirely hypocritical statement. The US completely overlooked the power of land in Vietnam.

We literally slaughtered them. When the President ordered US troops into Cambodia and ordered more bombings, the result was a tremendous uproar at home with more marches and demonstrations. Geo-politics The geopolitical struggle spurned on by the Cold War set the stage for U.

Nixon concluded that Vietnam was a lost cause, although the military situation was otherwise favorable at this point.

Why did the US lose the war in Vietnam?

The US can give all the money and weapons to the South as it wants to, but the South has to have the will and desire to win and they did not have that. North Vietnam simply had to prolong its war within South Vietnam until the United States inevitably abandoned the conflict.

Did the US lose the Vietnam War?

The two sides met and arranged a cease fire. I would say, though, in my opinion, the Vietnam War was a clearloss for the Americans. Why did the US help Vietnam in Vietnam war? This level of morale entered a state of decline throughout the war culminating in the almost complete breakdown of the Armed Forces by the early s.

The United States pulled out of the Vietnam war. To answer this we must examine the Vietnam War on two fronts.The US lost the Vietnam war on many fronts, domestic hostility to war coupled with a powerful anti-war movement and growing concern for the economy meant electoral suicide if a.

The United States did not lose the Vietnam War, although some may argue that by pulling out of South Vietnam we did just that. InNorth Vietnam finally realized that the war was a stalemate. Having already lost China to the Soviets, the US hoped to unite the two parts of Vietnam and build its gov't on the principles of democracy.

Abingdon/Cambridge "America's Stake in Vietnam." Inside American History: Helicon, Why did the US lose the war in Vietnam? Answer with reference to the concept of insurgency/guerrilla warfare.

Who won the Vietnam War?

The longest war in the history of the United States of America has taken place in Vietnam. US Conservatives like to say it was lost due to the US Press turning the American public against the war.

US Liberals like to say it was lost from the start and unwinnable because no one knew what a win would look like and the Vietnamese people themselves didn't want the US there. The U.S. Army reported 58, losses in Vietnam, the South VietnameseThis comes to less thanlosses.

The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong, however, are said to have lost more than a million soldiers and two million civilians.

Why did us lose the vietnam
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