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These coupler plates come with two bolts that allow them to be mounted at a number of height positions.

If you need more capacity, consider the Fulton A-Frame Coupler: If your coupler has pre-existing holes on the side Fulton and Bully single tongue trailer couplers are two exampleswe offer grab handles designed to bolt on to the side of the couplers.

Eventually, the release mechanism becomes sticky, or the fit on the trailer ball becomes loose, or corrosion begins to take hold.


For round coupler tubes, Pro Series offers the Round Gooseneck Coupler with either dual set bolts, or single set bolts with 4 holes for height adjustment. Specifically, trailer tongues are known as "A-frame" when two frame rails join together at a 50 degree angle at the front industry standard"straight" when one single frame rail serves as an attachment point, or "gooseneck" when a trailer uses a round vertical post bolted underneath the front of the trailer.

Once attached, the handle makes it easy to lift and turn a smaller, lightweight trailer which is stationary. Instead write and wrong trailer youtube replacing your entire trailer, which is expensive, the coupler is replaceable separately.

Pro Series offers their Adjustable Coupler in 8, and 14, lb. Both of these are equipped with trigger handles for attachment and release, and they feature traditional round holes for trailer jacks.

For example, the Bulldog BX1 Repair Kit comes with a handle, locking cam, grooved pin, and related hardware for gooseneck couplers.

Smith Trailer Coupler Lift Handle. Unlike most couplers which are designed to bolt or weld directly onto your trailer, adjustable couplers are designed to bolt to a separate vertical metal bracket.

Curt makes several different styles of coupler locks, including an adjustable stainless steel model, an aluminum lip coupler lockand a solid brass pin lock. A-frame couplers are usually intended to be welded onto the trailer frame rather than bolted in place.

Replace Your Worn or Wrong-Sized Trailer Coupler

Levers of various designs on the coupler clamp around the round ball tightly enough to prevent it from disconnecting, but they also allow just the right amount of play for proper pivoting around turns and over road undulations.

They are called into action every single time you connect and disconnect your trailer from the tow vehicle. Coupler Handles The C. The Tow Ready Coupler Lock. Inspect your trailer coupler on a regular basis.

Review the replacement choices in our Trailer Couplers section which will show you what is available for sizes, weight ratings, finishes, and other variables. An "adjustable" coupler, mounted on a bracket piece that allows height adjustment. Other Accessories And Repair Parts A coupler is the metal piece that physically connects your trailer to the tow vehicle.

Gooseneck coupler posts or "tubes" can be round or square in shape, and we offer both styles. Popular uses for A-frame design tongues are landscape trailers, utility trailers, and car haulers from 5, to 15, lb.

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For starters, the Fulton Straight Tongue Coupler has a trigger style latch and is available in primed or zinc finish. If you leave your trailer outside, they are exposed to the elements. On this bracket piece, a series of holes positioned at different heights provides the "adjustment" needed because the coupler can be attached high or low as needs dictate.

Since Pro Series and Bulldog are Cequent brands, both of these adjustable couplers are designed to fit the Bulldog Trailer Coupler Adjustable Accessory mounting bracket which is sold separately in 4- or 5-position sizes.

The 2" ball coupler gives you a choice among 3, 5, or 6, lb. The Bulldog A-Frame Coupler with hinged jaw and sliding collar release. The Bulldog Straight Coupler. The Tow Ready Coupler Lock is a unique design, with the lock consisting of a "ball" which is locked into place in the coupler itself.

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